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Hometechnologypearl dental aI technology

pearl dental aI technology

Dental AI solutions that put dentists and patients at ease

The products were built with the dental professional in mind and the patient at heart. Using the latest innovations in artificial intelligence and over 10 years of expertise in computer vision, Pearl aims to usher in a new wave of dental AI solutions to brighten the future of oral healthcare worldwide.

pearl technology

Second Opinion®

Quality patient care in dentistry starts with accurate interpretation of x-rays. That’s why we developed Second Opinion—a computer vision platform that can instantly detects numerous potential conditions in dental radiographs.

Trained on x-rays annotated by a team of world renowned dentists and radiologists, our radiologic solution ensures that your dental care has the strongest foundation possible. Patient health and trust rise from that foundation––making Second Opinion the only other opinion you'll ever need.

Practice Intelligence®

Collecting evidence in patient radiographs detected by Second Opinion and treatment data from a practice management system, Practice Intelligence gives office staff x-ray vision into practice performance.

Dentists, office managers, and clinical staff apply its findings to inform training, staffing, and procurement decisions, enabling practices to ensure consistent and optimal performance.

Smart Margin®

Creating a perfect dental restoration is a complex process which requires human technicians to examine digital models and manually mark the margin where tooth and restoration meet. It's a time-consuming, error-prone exercise––until now.

Our AI-powered technology has been trained by dental professionals to instantly mark margins with super-human accuracy. Saving time and expense , Smart Margin revolutionizes the restorative workflow for dental labs and their clients.

pearl technology

Prep Assess™

The quality and fit of dental restorations depends on well-executed margin preparations and accurate intraoral scans. Without a margins, contact points, and imagery, dental laboratories will struggle to produce restorations and may even require the dentists to submit new preps and scans.

Prep Assess enables dental practice and labs to assess the quality of margins and scans in real-time––allowing dental offices to easily improve preps and recapture impressions while patients are still in the chair and labs to produce restorations with precision fit.

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