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Root canal treatments are a dental procedure used to relieve pain and save damaged teeth. Patients will need a root canal to repair inflammation or infection that has accessed the roots of a tooth. During a root canal treatment the tooth will be cleaned, disinfected and all pulp removed from inside. The object is to shape the root canal and place a filling inside to seal the space.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is a type of endodontic therapy that becomes necessary when the nerves and tooth pulp have grown infected or overly damaged. This can occur when decay makes it past the outer layer of enamel and deep into the recesses of the tooth.

To restore a damaged tooth of this nature, and avoid an extraction, our skilled dental professionals will perform root canal therapy. During treatment the infected tissue will be removed from deep in the tooth. Once the area is cleaned and disinfected it will be filled with a medicated sealer and capped. A dental crown is often used to return the tooth to its natural shape. In most cases, it takes one to two office visits for full treatment.

root canal

Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

Root canals have garnered a reputation for being a painful dental treatment. However, it’s the infection already inside the root that is painful, not the treatment itself. Thanks to the advancement in technology, root canal treatment can be done with minimal discomfort. Our dental staff uses the latest technology to provide the most pleasant and comfortable experience for treatment.

What causes a tooth to need a root canal?

According to the American Dental Association, the pulp or nerve of a tooth can become infected through injury or decay. Once the infection gets in, the pulp can’t repair the damage by itself. If the issue isn’t addressed, the tissue will die causing more severe dental problems. Infection can even reach down to the bone if the bacteria reaches the root openings.

A bone infection will weaken the bone and cause swelling around the ligament. The tooth will then become loose and sensitive to temperatures making it difficult to eat or even breath without pain. Root canal therapy can both eliminate the pain and save the tooth. If the tooth can’t be saved, a dental implant is the next best option.

root canal

What are some common symptoms?

If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms you may need root canal therapy.

  • Tooth or gum pain, discoloration, or prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold
  • A tooth that is tender when it is touched
  • A tooth abscess (pus enclosed in the tissues of the jawbone at the tip of an infected tooth)
  • Pus drainage in your mouth
  • Swelling or tenderness in the lymph nodes under your jaw
  • Sometimes an endodontic problem can exist without warning signs. In these cases, a digital X-rays taken during a routine dental checkup will reveal the tooth damage.

Dental root canal in Auburn Washington

When the area around a tooth becomes very infected, and the risk of losing it becomes high it may be time for a root canal. Dr. Nuttall at Nuttall Smiles can perform a root canal to remove the infected tissue and restore the function of your tooth. Please call us at (253) 544-5501 to schedule your consultation and learn more about root canal therapy in Auburn, Washington. At Nuttall Smiles, your Auburn, WA root canal dental clinic, we are committed to restoring your smile’s health.

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