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chairside computers

At Nuttall Smiles, our dentist and team use chairside computers to keep your treatment records organized. All X-rays, pictures, patient records, and clinical information are secure, easy for our doctors to access, and coordinated to make your treatment go more smoothly. For more information on our chairside computers and paperless charting in Auburn, Washington, and to make your appointment with Dr. Nuttall, please call us today at (253) 544-5501.

chairside computers

At our office, we keep all of our records digitally. We are a completely digital (paperless) practice, and all of our charting and X-ray records are kept with the aid of a computer. This option is great for the environment because we use significantly less paper, and it cuts down on the time our team has to spend on traditional paper charting and other paperwork. Paperless charting also makes our charting system more consistent because our dentist and other team members can all use the same program and methods to ensure that all of your records are accurate, precise and easy to read. This helps to ensure that your chart is always up-to-date, which makes it easier for our dentist and team to evaluate your current oral health, as well as view the records of your dental and medical history. Paperless charting helps our team make certain that you always receive accurate, precise care at our paperless, digital office. Furthermore, paperless charting allows us to quickly, simply and securely share information with your other healthcare providers as needed.

chairside computers

For more information on paperless charting and its benefits, we welcome you to contact our dental office today. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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